Towing Company Service Costs

Car needs tow truck in arizona desert

If you own a car, truck or motorcycle then sooner or later it will stop working and you will need a towing company to help you. When this happens in harsh climates think how much you appreciate the tow truck service. In places like Arizona, the temperatures can reach around 120F. These climates can be hazardous to your health if you are stuck in them for long. Our good friends at Pick It Up Towing company in Tempe AZ have helped a lot of motorists from suffering in the heat. They have given a lot of helpful information for this article so they deserve a mention here.

Cheap vs Affordable Towing Company

As in most things in life you usually get what you pay for. If you have been around a while you probably agree. How often have we bought something at bargain prices only to find it did not meet our needs? Then we go out and buy it again but usually, we buy the more expensive one. In the end, we would have been better off getting the more expensive one in the first place. Pinching pennies does not always save money, right?

There is not a lot of regulations by the local cities and governments for tow truck companies. Yes, there is some but it varies from region and city. Some common sense goes a long way though when it comes to hiring a local towing company.

Ask them if they have insurance that will cover your vehicle in the event of damage or an accident while on their tow truck. Even companies like AAA (Triple A) often sub out work to local tow truck companies. This does not guarantee the tow truck loading your vehicle has proper insurance. If the tow truck company is a small one-man operation with one wheel-lift tow truck he may not have proper insurance. If something gets damaged on your car you may be left paying for the repairs out of your own pocket. This does not mean all small companies are bad, but be careful and ask to see the insurance papers before they load your vehicle. Good companies have the proof of insurance and will not hesitate to show you.

Tow Truck Safety

Operating a tow truck can be a dangerous occupation. According to out Tempe Towing Company friends, many tow truck drivers have been killed while working. When you see a vehicle needing roadside assistance and a tow truck is there give them a lot of room to work. On freeways and highways, cars traveling at high speeds can kill instantly. Who want to be a driver who hit and killed a tow truck driver? Their drivers likely have children and spouses so the disaster can have compounding effects.

So it does not always make sense to use the cheapest tow truck service out there. Yes, you might save a few dollars but is it worth the risk. The difference in price for a typical towing service is not great. Do yourself a favor and pick a company with insurance. Also, realize that tow truck companies have to respond to multiple requests that often times overlap at the same time. Try to be patient, they are working hard and fast to get to you because they want the job. But, it is not uncommon they have to deal with many issues you are not aware of while the try to tow your car.


Our thanks to Pick It Up Towing for the help.

First Web Design Tutorial

Like most things in this modern world, change is accelerating. It used to be that if you wanted a website you had to hire a skilled coder to make it for you. That is no longer the case. There are many tools that allow the average person to make their own site now. It is no longer necessary to understand html, php and css to make a site. Yes, having those skills can increase the quality of the site but they are not required anymore. The short video below helps explain these different languages a bit.

Most small business owners and large business owners see the benefit of having a good website with good images enhanced with tools like Adobe Photoshop. Creating a nice site requires some good art and pictures for the pages on the site.

Which Website Builder?

There are many choices. They all have strengths and limits but they all can make great websites.




There are platforms like Weebly that allows you to create a site with drag and drop tools. The cost is about $5.00 to $10.00 per month depending on which package you choose.

It does not take too much time or skill to learn to use it well either. There are also paid themes you can buy that make more advanced things easier. They will provide more features but they will also require more time and a learning curve to use them well. Building a site has a structure like a tree. Think of the main theme of the site like the trunk and the subjects as branches. Connect them so they make logical sense to the visitor. You want to make the site flow like a beautiful tree where getting from one branch to the other does not require multiple clicks and lots of effort.

Now think about how you want to drive visitors from one place to another on your site. Think of your site like a  really great limo service moving people from one place to another. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to travel around the site. Make the anchor texts meaningful and try not to make too many links. Make it flow like a nice limo driver who smoothly moves passengers to and from their destinations. You can be really creative with this.

As visitors move around the site they pick up information much like a tow truck does when towing a vehicle. Make the load easy on them. Think about how they need the information and provide an easy way to get to it.

There seem to be a million WordPress themes that are free but building a WP site takes a lot more knowledge and skill than Weebly. So make your choice wisely. If you have time WP may be the choice but it will take more time to figure things out. If you want a site fast then use one of the builder packages like Weebly.


The Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Yard

Well, many people think about planting trees as a tradition on Arbor Day but did you ever think how much beneficial planting a tree can be for your lawn and your overall environment.

Trees act as a barrier against cold winds in winter and can provide shade for your home on a steaming hot day. They also filter water and air to minimize greenhouse gases and soil erosion. Moreover, studies have shown that trees can act as a stress reliever; people living in cities find themselves happier and calmer when they have trees in their surroundings.

You can have all these benefits of planting trees in your garden or yard considering sustainable gardening and choosing a suitable landscape.

Energy-saving benefits of planting trees

A research in the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that an healthy tree can provide you a cooling effect equivalent to ten air conditioners operating for at least 20 hours a day! While it takes almost 5 years for a newly planted sampling in enabling to provide the same effect on your home.  In short, it’s a great investment and you will be astonished to see the results.

A newly planted tree at your home can reduce your electricity bill by about 12 percent in approximately 15 years said by Dr. E. Greg McPherson of the Center for Urban Forest Research. Moreover, it’s not only the shade that can help in reducing your expenses on electricity bills, trees planted on the northwest of your home can act as a barrier for cold winter winds hence reducing your expenses on wood for lighting fire.

Benefit of trees on the environment

While planting trees in your garden not only reduces your expenses on bills but they are equally beneficial for your environment. Companies like in the southwest are adept at selecting tress to survive and provide shade. They absorb greenhouse gases like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, ozone and carbon monoxide. Thinking how can it be beneficial for you? A single tree can filter about 330 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year, which provides oxygen enriched air for a family of three or four!

They can make your environment pollution free. According to

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet CleaningMost everybody has some type of a carpet in their home or business. Many of these carpets can cost quite a lot of money. Most people enjoy having that carpet cleaned and fresh smelling all the time. There are many types of different carpet cleaning methods. So how do you choose a carpet cleaner?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to finding a good carpet cleaning company. There are great number of really skilled and high quality carpet cleaners in the industry. is one example of a skilled carpet cleaning company. Take a look at what they offer as a guide. One way to find a good carpet cleaner is to seek referrals from people you know and trust.

Not only do people need carpet cleaners they often need area rug cleaners and tile and grout cleaners also. Let’s face it most homes don’t have just carpet nor do most businesses have only carpet. So to keep these items clean it’s necessary to contract with the right company who does a good job of cleaning carpets.

So what type or method of carpet cleaning is right for your carpet or rug or tile and grout? There are a number of different cleaning systems in use. Probably the most widely used is

Limo Services

Most of us work really hard for the hard earned money we do have. It seems as soon as the money comes in it tends to fly right back out of our hands as though we never had it. Most small business owners marvel at what the cash flow is during their business in a month time. It’s amazing how much money is spent keeping the business alive. There is a never ending series of expenses that may not have been planned for. To keep the business going the owner must spend the money to fix the problems that occur on a daily basis. If he doesn’t do so then the business will fail.


Many business owners must spend a large chunk of money on the equipment that used to run the business. Take limousines for instance. The beauty of these vehicles is beyond compare in this day and age. From a simple standard sedan all the way up to big party buses limousines have a lot to offer. For instance modifying an SUV to turn it into a stretch limo can be no small expense for a limo owner. The limo owner or company does not just buy these from a factory that produces only limousines. Limos are typically modified by shops that do this specifically for limo owners. The costs can be tremendous stone one of these works of art. Who wants to rent a limousine that has just a cloth interior and nothing else going for it. Limos today have some incredible features inside of them. They have leather interiors tuck and roll upholstery sound systems that are off the charts. In today’s world of being connected they are Wi-Fi capable and they have flat screens also available to do a presentation or other.


People have a lot of choices when it comes to renting a limo. Just google limousines or limo rentals or limo service and you will find a lot of different providers with pretty spectacular vehicles. So renting a limousine can be a lot of fun. Being picked up at your specific location and taken to wherever you want to go while traveling in supreme comfort and not even worrying about how you’re getting there can be a very relaxing and rewarding experience.


Do you want to travel in just a sedan or would you rather be in a party bus with a ton of people that’s quite a stretch between the two no pun intended. Traveling in limousines nowadays is very common. Perhaps you need to get to the airport and when you start to calculate the cost of paying for parking for your car and the hassle of getting in and out the limousine can often times be cost-effective and a heck of a lot more fun. Who would rather be

Choosing Trees for Your Landscape

Landscape TreesA landscape is not a landscape without the stability and decoration of a tree.  Trees add wonder and beauty to any landscape, whether it is a zeros cape or lush evergreen yard.     Maintaining the beauty of your trees involves pruning and cleaning your trees.  Doing so, gives strength to the tree and beauty. To get a good pruning, contact your Tree Company to take care of the larger work so that you can maintain your trees the rest of the year.

Choosing the right tree can be a good thing or bad depending what you decide to choose.  The size, the debris and the look should all be considered. When a storm hits, you want your trees to withstand the wind and rain or snow for that matter.  Even you have some larger branches that are affected, calling your reputable Tree Service Company will be of great benefit than you attempting a DIY.  Your knowledgeable tree company will have the knowledge and equipment necessary for the job at hand.

Depending on where you live, the type or types of trees you choose should be species that would are native or have a record of surviving in your particular climate.  Native species obviously have been tested and proven.  There are a number of species, when researching you may

Choosing a Design for Your Landscape

The benefits of have a manicured landscape can have a positive effect on your day to day living.  Your walkway-with-native-blend-paversoutdoor space is just as much used as your indoor space.  You cook outside, you socialize outside, and you relax outside.  Obviously, living in certain areas outdoor living can be limited due to weather.  But overall, outdoor living is desirable to many homeowners.


So how can you make your landscape space inviting yet not break the bank? In this brief article, we will give a few tips and ideas that will be useful in making your outdoor space and landscape worth spending those evenings in.  Your whole home including your outdoor space should be inviting, relaxing and enjoyable.  Also, we will point attention to the benefit of choosing a professional landscaper to assist where you may need some additional expertise.


Landscape Design:  The design of your landscape should be of what appeals to you.  Obviously, you would want to make sure you abide by certain laws and guidelines of your Homeowner’s Association and city.  Your landscape can consist of a variety of looks and features.  Are you more
modern?  Do you enjoy